Retail Fulfillment

We partner with a whole range of wholesale and B2B customers to create a turnkey fulfillment solution for your business.

Navigating EDI Compliance With Ease

Eworld Fulfillment understands the complex B2B business environment. Many big-box retailers have Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) requirements that can be difficult to manage, especially since each retailer’s requirements vary. Failure to comply can lead to costly chargebacks or even loss of business.

Take the guesswork out of navigating this complex distribution channel by partnering with us. We are capable of producing EDI compliant shipments for all major retailers across North America, so you can focus on what you do best: creating innovative products for your customers.

Order B2B Fulfillment Services

  • High-volume through EDI Transmissions
  • Support for retailers of all sizes
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Breaking bulk or consolidation
  • Floor load or pallet based on customer specification

Receiving & Storage

We help you save space by receiving and storing your inventory. This helps keep your invetory ready to be fulfilled quickly.

Order Fulfillment

Making sure your customers get your products on time is the most important job we have and we take it seriously.

Returns Processing

Returns happen. Making sure the returns process is easy and keeps your customers happy is our business.


Set-up fees start at $500, depending on scope. Additional fees for special projects, customer service, and returns management range from $28-$32 per hour. Contact Us for your detailed quote.

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