Traditional Fulfillment

Offering bulk fulfillment options for books, media, catalogs & printed materials.

Shipping Solutions For Every Need

EWorld Fulfillment will tailor a plan specifically designed to provide fulfillment customers with a unique and effective shipping solution for every need.


  • Customized labeling and packing lists
  • Consolidation & breaking bulk
  • EDI compliance
  • Various shipping options
  • Cross docking
  • Multi-retailer support


Along with our cloud-synced warehouse management system (WMS), EWorld Fulfillment employs a series of inventory tracking best practices, including quarterly hand-counts of all existing inventory and automation of inventory reports.

Customer Service

Regardless of project size, we focus on providing outstanding service and on-time delivery. Our fulfillment team has designed and implemented our process flow to ensure that we achieve our goal of 24-hour or less turnaround times.

Receiving Fee

Inbound shipments are unpacked and sorted in our fulfillment center.
$32 per shipment / $0-$35 per pallet


Storage Cost

There is a monthly charge per pallet for storing inventory at our warehouse.
$19+ per pallet


Returns Processing

Shipment costs are based on order volume for picking, packing, and shipping. Varies based on monthly orders


Set-up fees start at $500, depending on scope. Additional fees for special projects, customer service, and returns management range from $28-$32 per hour. Contact Us for your detailed quote.

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