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How Wickbox Simplified Their Operations By Switching to eWorld


I no longer have to handle the shipping and fulfillment of our orders thanks to eWorld… We’ve been able to rely on eWorld to pack our fragile products carefully… I’ve been very impressed with the friendly, helpful attitude of their customer service team.

Scarlett Sturgis | CEO

Wickbox is a luxury candle subscription box that is curated to match subscribers’ scent preferences. Headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, the service has been called “perfect for the candle collector” by InStyle and “the easiest way to ensure a home always smells great” by Forbes.

A beautiful home & a beautiful life

In business since 2015, Wickbox is centered on the value of self-care. The company’s philosophy is that everyone deserves time each day for relaxation and inspiration. Through periods of renewal, its primary customers – women and gift-givers – can better go out to love and care for others.

Wickbox is a small company with just three employees. CEO Scarlett Sturgis founded the company as a way to combine her entrepreneurial spirit with her love of candles and home décor. An expression of Sturgis’s can-do attitude, Wickbox aims to beautify people’s homes and lives.

Handling with care

When Sturgis came to eWorld in July 2019, she was leaving behind another fulfillment center that was not meeting her needs. That provider “wasn’t able to appropriately pack fragile items, resulting in lots of breakages,” she explained.

Since switching to eWorld, she has experienced a significant decline in the number of breakages. Since she can rely on us to carefully pack her fragile products, she is given peace of mind that “our customers have a great unboxing experience.”

Communication proximity & quality

The previous fulfillment provider that worked with Wickbox “didn’t communicate well at all,” said Sturgis. The customer service team was located across the country from their warehouse. This geographical separation “resulted in slow response times and lack of communication.”

In contrast, eWorld’s customer service team is within the warehouse. This better proximity has proven “hugely beneficial,” said Sturgis.

Having customer service nearby is helpful, but the quality is also critically important. Sturgis commented, “Our customer service contacts at eWorld are always eager and quick to help with any requests.”

Cost-efficiency & savings

The subscription box industry has very thin profit margins, so Wickbox needed the fulfillment center she chose to be affordable. Luckily, eWorld “was able to get me the pricing I needed to make it work,” Sturgis reported.

Plus, not having to handle fulfillment in-house has helped Wickbox conserve time and resources.

Ease of use

Sturgis has found eWorld’s built-in inventory management system to be very user-friendly. By simply logging onto the client dashboard, “we can quickly see what products we have available at any given time,” she said.

A successful fulfillment relationship

When it became clear that Wickbox needed to look for a new fulfillment partner, there were numerous concerns. The provider needed to be able to appropriately pack fragile items and provide excellent customer service. It also had to offer temperature-controlled facilities and a competitive price.

Meeting all those criteria from day one to the present, eWorld continues to earn her ongoing business.

“I would definitely recommend eWorld,” said Sturgis. “I’ve been very impressed with the care they take in processing our orders and with the friendly, helpful attitude of their customer service team.”