eBay Fulfillment Center

EWorld Fulfillment partners with eBay sellers by streamlining the fulfillment process. No more tedious tasks that stop you from growing!

Inventory Storage & Receiving

When your eBay business begins to grow, it can quickly become a burden on your living or office space. When you partner with EWorld Fulfillment, you have access to storage and receiving in our 80,000 square foot fulfillment warehouse.

This process starts with us working closely with you and your suppliers to get your products in our warehouse. From there, we ensure your merchandise is in great condition.

Once we have verified your products, we provide you with access to your inventory levels, orders, and shipment through our online fulfillment software.

With our technology, you will receive up-to-date notifications regarding inventory levels, you will be alerted when inventory is low, and you have the ability to forecast inventory demands based on previous sales history.

Returns Processing

Returns are just the nature of the ecommerce and eBay world. Some estimates say that 1 in 3 purchases from an online retailer is returned. This is more than 3x the rate of brick-and-mortar stores!

Doing your own returns can be an even bigger hassle than doing your own order fulfillment. At EWorld Fulfillment, we are professionals with years of experience handling large volumes of shipments, including returns.

With EWorld taking returns off your plate, it frees up your time and allows you to focus on activities that drive your business forward. We will alert you to the condition of the returned merchandise, determine the best course of action, and handle any necessary replacement fulfillment.

Order Fulfillment

Getting orders to your customers is the most important part of being a seller. But, shipping is one of the hidden costs that can bring your margins down. When you are a small business, it’s hard to get enough shipping volume to truly bring rates down and create the best ROI for your business.

Partnering with EWorld Fulfillment allows you to leverage our scale to get the best rates on shipping. This will allow you to not only free up your own time and space but raise your bottom line.

Our web-based fulfillment software makes it easy to keep up with your orders and confirm that your customers are receiving your merchandise quickly. Our software also helps you keep on top of your inventory levels and helps you forecast your inventory demands.

Receiving & Storage

We help you save space by receiving and storing your inventory. This helps keep your invetory ready to be fulfilled quickly.

Order Fulfillment

Making sure your customers get your products on time is the most important job we have and we take it seriously.

Returns Processing

Returns happen. Making sure the returns process is easy and keeps your customers happy is our business.

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