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How Personalization is Revolutionizing Online Customer Experiences

As an e-commerce, internet retailer, direct sales company, or start-up, you work diligently to build up customer relationships in different ways.  As a 3PL (3rd-party logistics provider) that specializes in small package shipments, which include obvious DTC (direct-to-consumer) orders, we do not have as many touch points with end customers; however, we will see chances to leverage a distribution center to assist in creating a positive experience for customers.  The following includes the top customer relationship and brand building actions you may have your DC utilize to allow your customers to feel the love!

Utilize the Packing Slip Space

If you’re including an 8×11 packing slip or one that is even smaller, odds are you have lots of white space in front of your customer.  Some of the space might be utilized for aesthetics; however, where it fits your image, make use of this space! If that front space already is completely utilized, what is on the reverse of the form?  Introduce them to your heroes. Tell your company story. Advertise new products. Tell them about the charity you support. Let them know you’re more than simply a website. Add famous quotes embodying your company ethos.


Always have your message section set apart for the packing slip even if you do not use it on each order.  It’s possible to pass on gift messages from customers if they’re sending a gift. You also can use that space for personal messages if your system is able to generate it. Alternatively, if your customer service reps have a little downtime, have them add a message to the client.  Personal touches mean a lot to your clients – it is what they miss going online from brick and mortars.


Everyone enjoys free stuff.  If it fits the type of product you have, include trial sizes in their order.  Your clients get an unexpected reward and you’ll get to present them with a new product they might purchase later on.


Again, everyone loves free stuff.  Are you selling premium dog beds? Toss a biscuit in for real customers!  Even a refrigerator magnet or mint might brighten a customer’s day and make your service stand out from the competition.

Personalize it

Add personal notes.  It’s easier for startups or the ones who have larger ticket items or for the ones who are able to identify high-value clients, yet if you’re able to spend a couple of minutes every day adding personal thank you’s to a couple of orders, it’s possible to assist in building goodwill and “star” rating which helps build up your brand.

Kitting & Assembly

In your information search, you might come across the words “assembly” and “kitting” and you might not be clear about what they mean or differences between them. Here is your answer:

Kitting (additionally referred to as “product bundling”) is when two or more associated products are packaged together to develop one item that’s prepared to ship.

For instance, instead of selling a notebook and pen separately, the items are bundled with each other and sold as a single item, or “kit”. Then, both products automatically are decremented from inventory.

Assembly includes the procedure of arranging all of the components of the “kit” and getting it ready for shipping.

For instance, the notebook and the pen are both collected, packaged with each other, and shipped as a single item.

Typically, products which are served well by such services include:

  •         Healthcare Enrollment Materials
  •         Media Kits
  •         Training Materials
  •         Multi-Level Marketing Kits
  •         Subscription Box Programs
  •         Electronics
  •         Nutritional Supplements
  •         Cosmetics
  •         Product Samples

How Your Business Might Benefit from Kitting and Assembly Services

There are significant benefits for your business when you use kitting and assembly services from fulfillment centers.

1- Orders are Fulfilled More Affordably and Faster

As items are assembled in bulk, e-commerce fulfillment becomes fast and pack/pick expenses are decreased as every kit is counted as a single SKU.

2- Shipping Errors are Decreased

The opportunity for error decreases as products are shipped in the form of a kit. Plus, labeling and weighing individual products is eliminated, which makes it possible to pre-print labels. Also, every eliminated step eliminates opportunities for mistakes.

3- Packaging is Cost-Effective and Efficient

Postal expenses are decreased as kits are packaged inside a box which is customized in weight and size.

All these benefits translate into huge cost savings for you, as well as better service for your clients.

EWorld Fulfillment offers top-notch kitting and assembly for your e-commerce business. Check us out today!